Saturday, October 29, 2011

We spent the entire day putting in a new floor in my storage room.  We had to unload, place the floor and then reload.  by the time we got to the re-load, we were so tired we were throwing things in corners.  It will take me 6 monthds to organize my storage.  Yes I even organize storage.  A guy has to know where things are today so tomorrow he can say "What did I do with that?"  I do a lot of that. 

I asked Charlie, when we were done, if he thought I should spend the night dreaming up some other project/s.  He thought that was enough.  The poor guy was so tired he didn't even want dinner.  Shelly and I ate enough for all of us. 

It will be nice to get it all straightened up and be able to go out and quilt.  I am always saying I am going to, but I never do.  This time I AM going to.  At least all my fabric, machines and notions are in one place.  I just need to take time to use them.

While we were busy doing that, my old laptop was in the house dying.  I do't want to wish it fond farewell quite yet, I have some pictures on there I need and don't want to redo. 

The Gods were not with me today.  Oh Well!!!

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