Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I had my reclast infusion.  Went well.

The biopsy went well, they got it and removed it and all was well.  They gave me an antibiotic because I got a raging infection.  Day five:  can't breathe, pain, right arm extremely painful, short of breathe.  So I don't panic, because my family does.  Off to emergency.  Those jerks gave me every test known to mankind.  At least I know what I don't have.  What I do have is a lower black and blue left arm.  Veins deep, roll and I am dehydrated.  Can't get an I V in.  they had to do a central line into my heart.  Gave me nitro and admitted me.  That floor DR gave me a muscle relaxer, at my request, and guess what I can breathe without pain and sleep.  The rest of the family arrived during the day, thought I was going to bite it I guess.  Fooled them;  I survived.

Got out on Sunday afternoon.  Saw Dr Hough on Monday and Dr. Martinez on Wed.  I finally got a diagnosis;  I have an acute allergy to Levoquin, the antibiotic they gave me for the "raging" infection.  One good thing is that the infection is gone, I can breathe and my arm is getting better.

The CURE nearly killed me and they want me to start all over in 6 months.  I have to think about this for a while, I am glad I have six months.

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