Monday, February 11, 2013

     Okay,  now I've done it.  Last year I said I would be Parliamentarian for the American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Washington.  I thought it should be easy enough, maybe I could study a little, learn a lot and it would  be a piece of cake.  It is a full-time job.  I can't believe what a terrible year our Department President, Hanny Elston of Benton City, WA, is having.  If it could fall apart,it has.  She is stuck with some of the most impossible situations and people.  She couldn't work harder or been more knowledgeable.  Saying that, now, when she has a problem it is my duty, privilege and honor to help her solve these issues.
     I am also on the Department Constitution, Bylaws, and Standing Rules revisions committee.  We are to bringing these rules up to date and in compliance with our parent organization.  We have met. met and met and will meet again.  The committee members are from all over the state, so it means several travel many miles, work a  couple of days, eat out and stay in motels.  We have one more meeting scheduled soon. I sure hope it is the last.  I heard a member was rewriting the whole thing herself and plans on presenting it at convention next July.
     I lost a dear long-time friend in the Aux. this year.  Juanita berry.  She taught me so much.  I will miss her.  I m doing her eulogy at convention.  I hope I can do her justice.  She deserves the best.  
    The most important thing is that I have made several new friends.  Hanny Elston, Terri Angel, Barb Rutherford, Jane Montaney, Sharon Stewart, Karen Grimes,  to just name a few.  Good people.  I've renewed friendships of a great many.  This organization is so greatl!
     This saga shall continue.


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