Monday, February 6, 2012

Another year older

Well, here I am having another birthday.  It seems funny to me, Shelly was born on my 20th birthday, and I don't feel any older now than I did then.  That is, on the inside.  On the outside:   I can't walk, I can't bend, my legs give out, my hip is shot, my back ache is cronic, my knees are artificial, part of both feet are, my neck is fused, my shoulder has been fixed (yah) my fingers are bad, I have arthritis, I don't see as well, etc, etc, etc.  But on the inside, I can still voksmarch, run, play kickball, basketball, and baseball.  I on the inside, I'm not gray haired, I'm not wrinkled, I am not fat.  On the inside I am not 66 years old.  So today I've decided to average the two.  I am 39 years old today.

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